Engineering Unit

Remarkable development of country`s industries, needs of industrial complexes and projects for skillful contractors, reduplicated the necessary of designing , construction and installation department in Petro Sanaat-e-Jonoob Group. So , considering facilities and potential of the group, all activities related to designing , equipment providing and installation , pipe lines , machinery , the appliances and apparatus of industrial complexes in this unit by the use of potential , technical knowledge , professional personal , co-workers and internal and external associates were conducted.
This group tries to nationalize the equipment`s designing, construction, installation machinery and etc, in the country`s industries especially petroleum, gas and petro-chemistry.
This department is divided into three sections of designing, installation and construction.
In each of them the related Telecommunications and process have been done.
The most important activities in this department are as following:

مهندسی ساخت و نصب- Designing , construction and installation all kinds equipment , instruments , stationary and rotary industrial mechanical devices , pipelines and transferring material needed for industries.
- Designing  , constructing and installing , equipment and electronic , conditioning and refrigerating system.
- Designing and operating production , distribution and power transition system.
- Operating solar energy systems and gas – fuel based generators.
- Designing, operating and installing control system. Instrumentation automation, analyzer and telecommunication in industrial complexes.
- Designing and operating radio system, internal telephone network and alarm and firefighting systems in industrial complexes.
- Designing and operating informatics system including computer networks , data transfer and producing software needed for industrial complexes .

Civil and Construction Department

Considering the industrial complexes ` need for civil services as well as Petro Sanaat-e-Jonoob Group`s policy of fulfilling all needs of industrial complexes , civil department was established.

دپارتمان عمران راه و ساختمان

While benefiting from technical knowledge ,human potential , machinery and instruments ,  the following services have been taken into consideration by this department:

  • Construction industrial , office and residential building.
  • Renovation and reconstruction of industrial, office and residential buildings.
  • Excavation , embankment , infrastructure concreting for projects and industrial equipment .
  • Construction and installation metal structure for industrial, office and residential building.
  • Carrying out projects of construction roads and communication paths.
  • Landscaping , constructing water canals sewage canals and industrial canals.
  • Setting machinery `s foundation and operating industrial complexes` equipment.

Operation , Maintenance and Repair

Considering the department`s emphasis on performing maintenance and repairs based on new scientific principles and insisting on priority of maintenance over repairs and considering Petro Saant-e-Jonoob Group`s chief purpose of using up-to date technologies in petroleum industry, this group is ready to offer services to employers according to international standards by benefiting from administrative capabilities , knowledge , experience , equipment and machinery . In this direction , in addition to designing and providing mechanization software of maintenance , management and repairs such as PM,CM,PCM,TPM and localizing these methods at industries . this department`s activities are summarized below:

departeman-negahdari-tamirat- Daily maintenance  and repairs , emergency, preventive fixed equipment and … rotary mechanical devices and electrical appliances and instrumentation in industrial complexes.
- Providing and supplying implementation , localization and running software system of preventive , predictive , emergency , basic maintenance and repair.
- Offering specialized services of preventive and predictive repairs such as consultation , planning , system designing and operation supervision.
- Managing machine tool workshop in industrial complexes.
- Repairing and maintaining cathode protection , earthing , pipelines and telecommunication.
- Repairing and maintaining equipment as well as HVAC system.
- Pre-commissioning and commissioning complexes , factories , machineries and industrial equipment.
- Planning and performing major overhauls of industrial complexes and factories in all technical field including mechanic , instrument , electronics , civil and repairs services.
- Offering operation and operator services of apparatus and equipment of operational and production section in industrial complexes and factories.

Safety and Instruction Department

Instruction Unit


Empowering and instruction is one of the important principles in human resources management. The result achieved from researches done in Motorola Company on the effect of instruction show that every dollar investment equal return in it. Petro Sanat-e-Jonoob Group has noticed the necessity of this issue with establishing the empowerment and instruction department. In this department , in addition to providing personnel with instructional services , offering them to other companies have been considered . Hence , this department is ready to offer following services to industrial complexes , factories and companies by benefiting from both internal and external universities ` experienced professors:

  • Planning and development specialized courses in mechanics of stationary and rotary equipment, Electronics , Instrumentation , conditioning and refrigerating system as well as hydraulic and pneumatic system.
  • Planning and development specialized courses on technique of maintenance and repair such as PM,CM,RCM,TPM
  • Planning and development specialized courses on vibration analysis and balancing of rotary equipment.
  • Planning and development specialized courses on HSE as well as firefighting.
  • Planning and development specialized courses on foreign language , conversation , business correspondence , etc.
  • Planning and development specialized courses on terms of tender , labor and social security , human resources management , according , computer ,etc.
  • Planning and development specialized courses with cooperation of universities and internal and external accredited higher education institutes.
  • Planning and holding demanded individual and group classes.


Safety Unit


Considering safety , health and environment have been taken into consideration since long ago . Recently, Iran`s industries have noticed the importance and necessity of this issue.
Petro Sanaat-e-Jonoob Group, is the first private company of carrying out HSE projects in South Pars Gas Complex , as a business focus of the country , have considered the significance of this issue based on its approach and this company acts in this field since its establishment . In this department , the group`s technological knowledge and experiences are offered to the country`s industries are follow:

  • Consultation, implementing safety , firefighter, health and environment projects.
  • Consultation, execution and investment in recycling industries and industrial waste management and non-industrial.
  • Operating services to provide specialized human resources in HSE fields.
  • Inspecting , auditing , as well as supervising HSE system operation in industrial complexes.
  • Providing instruction and HSE executive methods based on world`s up-to-date standards for industrial complexes.
  • Consultation in planning , figuring out HSE plan and putting it into action for companies , industrial complexes and factories.

Instruction Unit