Operation , Maintenance and Repair

Considering the department`s emphasis on performing maintenance and repairs based on new scientific principles and insisting on priority of maintenance over repairs and considering Petro Saant-e-Jonoob Group`s chief purpose of using up-to date technologies in petroleum industry, this group is ready to offer services to employers according to international standards by benefiting from administrative capabilities , knowledge , experience , equipment and machinery . In this direction , in addition to designing and providing mechanization software of maintenance , management and repairs such as PM,CM,PCM,TPM and localizing these methods at industries . this department`s activities are summarized below:

departeman-negahdari-tamirat- Daily maintenance  and repairs , emergency, preventive fixed equipment and … rotary mechanical devices and electrical appliances and instrumentation in industrial complexes.
- Providing and supplying implementation , localization and running software system of preventive , predictive , emergency , basic maintenance and repair.
- Offering specialized services of preventive and predictive repairs such as consultation , planning , system designing and operation supervision.
- Managing machine tool workshop in industrial complexes.
- Repairing and maintaining cathode protection , earthing , pipelines and telecommunication.
- Repairing and maintaining equipment as well as HVAC system.
- Pre-commissioning and commissioning complexes , factories , machineries and industrial equipment.
- Planning and performing major overhauls of industrial complexes and factories in all technical field including mechanic , instrument , electronics , civil and repairs services.
- Offering operation and operator services of apparatus and equipment of operational and production section in industrial complexes and factories.